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Home bar & entertainment room

Sophisticated adults' retreat with home bar and DJ booth

This was a fun lockdown project! We created the clients a sophisticated entertainment room where they could relax once the kids were in bed. Fit with a fully functioning bar area, we also constructed a personalised DJ booth for the clients’ music decks and plenty records and installed disco lighting to run in sync with the music.


And, so sound couldn’t travel through the rest of the house, we fitted acoustic lined curtains and used acoustic oak cladding as a focal feature on the walls… There’s something so satisfying about creating a beautiful design that is secretly functional too!

When I asked Leisha to turn my basement into a cool DJ bar, I had a rough idea of what I wanted. But what she produced was better. Much better. Thanks to her and her partner Paul (a true craftsman in wood and metal), every bit was bespoke and crafted to fit together – the bar, the sideboard presenting/concealing the decks and records, the sound-proofed ceiling and curtains, the acoustic cladding, the hidden LIFX lighting, it has it all. And to top this off: during the day it turns from wolf into lamb and becomes a refuge of relaxation, with plants and a sofa. Leisha took a brief, then researched everything herself, sourcing solutions to every element. The result is a versatile and cutting edge space, fit for big nights in and lazy mornings after. You have to make your own fun these days, don’t you?




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