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Kitchen Design

I have over a decade of kitchen design expertise, and my speciality in bespoke kitchens allows me to achieve results that surpass what my clients thought were possible. I work on kitchens of all shapes and sizes, old properties and new builds, remodelling and extending, there isn’t a project I haven’t worked on. 

The most hardworking room in the house is the kitchen

The kitchen is by far the most hard working room in the home, and when it could last a house twenty years or more, careful planning and smart decision making is crucial. There are so many costly design mistakes to avoid, and finer details to be considered; the sooner you have an experienced kitchen designer on board, the easier your life will be and the more worthwhile your investment.

A bespoke kitchen is made especially for you

Taking the time to really understand what you want and need from your kitchen is the key to a successful project. So, to begin, we’ll explore your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, whether you’ve got a big family, or if it’s just the two of you… even details like whether you love blending juices, shaking cocktails or cooking Sunday roast will help me build a picture of what you want (and need), both practically and aesthetically, so I can design a kitchen totally tailored to you.

Careful planning is key to successful kitchen design

I will encourage you to gather images of kitchen designs that inspire you; colour, layout, the amount of natural light, cabinetry etc., then, with dimensions from the architects, rough dimensions from you or myself coming to survey, I’ll create a hand drawn plan of the design. This will go on to the computer to give you a better feel for the space.

So many decisions to make! 

Once any revisions have been made to the structure and layout of the kitchen, we’ll then move on to the dressing. I can advise with samples on layout, appliance models and makes, worktops, handles, cabinetry styles, materials, build quality, finishes and paint colours.

Taking the concept through to completion 

I’ll manage the project for you, surveying and liasing with the builders or tradesmen (yours or mine) and ensuring everything is just right when it comes to the install and painting. And then you’ll be set to unpack your boxes and enjoy your new kitchen!

Light and airy Kitchen Leisha Norman Interior Designer Southampton Winchester  f.jpg
Light and airy Kitchen Leisha Norman Interior Designer Southampton Winchester d.jpg

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Book a discovery call with me today to have an initial chat about your project and see how I can best work with you to move your project forward. 

Ready to start planning your kitchen?

Leisha was absolutely brilliant when helping us design our new kitchen. I gave her long lists of all our kitchen equipment and she worked through everything to ensure we had enough storage and that everything would be exactly in the right place and at hand when needed. She encouraged us to extend the length of the kitchen units beyond what we had originally thought and to add units into a dead space at the end of the dining area.  We are so glad she did, because she has an innate sense of what will work and look good and we have to say the kitchen is an absolute dream to cook in.  It absolutely works for us on every level - everything has its home and is right where it’s needed.  Leisha also suggested a breakfast bar, which we were no fans of, but we love it!  We use it every day and love how the oak picks up the oak details in the rest of the kitchen.  Nothing was too much trouble, arranging for us to have bespoke shelving made for all our books.  Leisha held our hand throughout a stressful build - keeping her head - when we were definitely losing ours.  She gently persuaded us to rethink our wall and cabinet colours, swapping colours we had planned for walls to the cabinets and colours planned for the cabinets for shelves and the chimney breast.  Again, we are delighted with the results.  Leisha has that rare ability to visual colours and the results of a build before it is even underway and we have learnt to trust her judgement and would be more than happy to work with her again.  

Light and airy Kitchen Leisha Norman Interior Designer Southampton Winchester d.jpg


Dr Mclean - Winchester

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