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Using colour in bedroom interior design: be bold and balanced!

Before & After: Striking Master Bedroom Design

With the right balance of colours and textures and a thoughtful design plan, colourful interiors evoke atmosphere and positively affect our emotions. This project’s the perfect example of why you shouldn’t be afraid of using colour in bedroom interior design, but how important it is to consider how the colours you choose will work together if you want your room to feel harmonious and complete.

Be brave if you want to make an impact using colour!

Having designed my client’s kitchen, she asked me back to design the master bedroom and ensuite which were lacklustre and crying out for some of her energy.

The walls had been off-white for many years, with a few pops of colour in the furniture here and there, but it was lacking any oomph or cohesion. Many of my clients love colour yet shy away from using it in their homes. This client, an artist, isn’t at all afraid of colour in any other circumstance, but as with many of us, she was reluctant to bring in any ‘permanent’ colours– in case she got bored. But really, what’s the worst that could happen? You decide you want a new colour, and you paint it! So, with some encouragement and inspo sharing, I had her on side to be bolder.

Create a feature wall

The wall panelling was where our colour journey began. Panelling’s an easy way to bring character and dimension to an otherwise standard room. And, with it being a period property, creating a feature wall to frame the bed complemented the features of the house perfectly. To keep the skirting boards intact and undamaged, Paul built a box frame around it, which also allowed for a high shelf for the client to display her art prints.

Be cohesive with your colour choices

My client fell in love with this gorgeous dark grey-blue by Farrow & Ball, and following some gentle persuasion, approved following the colour through onto the wardrobes.

Although owning her new confidence in using colour in the bedroom, the thought of painting the bathroom a darker shade, and from the floor to the ceiling, had my client wanting to run a mile! But contrary to what many people think, a small space needn’t be confined to white walls. In fact, white can be very static and actually make a room feel bland and boxy. By carrying the darker colour through and layering some fresh foliage to bring the outside in, we made the space feel bigger and in harmony with the rest of the room.

It's all about balance

When using colour in interior design, it’s all about balance, and a carefully planned distribution of colours. Ever heard of the 60-30-10 rule? When considering a colour scheme, having a dominant colour (60%), a secondary (30%), and an accent (10%), helps to achieve this. Cue, this bedroom’s 30 and 10.

The client remembered she had some beautiful pink patterned curtains tucked away so we put these to use and reupholstered the armchair with bed cushions to match. This gave us lots of pink accents to play with around the bed area. And for another pop of fun and freshness, inspiration was taken from the original iron fireplace with its turquoise tiles, so the little side table was painted to tie in. Balancing the darker tones with pinks and turquoise added some necessary femininity and softness to this bold and striking bedroom.

Committing to using colours in bedroom interior design needn’t be scary, but it is important to plan how they all work together. With the right balance and a thoughtful design, colourful interiors can give a room depth, and evoke a wonderful atmosphere and all those happy emotions.

"Leisha Norman offers an outstanding interior design service. She designed our bedroom for us last year and we have been thrilled with the results. She really gets to know and understand her client's tastes and is determined to ensure that you are happy with the end product."

If you need someone to help create your dream bedroom, whether you’ve not a clue what you want yet, or you need someone to help you be bolder and bounce ideas around, I can design as independently or as collaboratively or as you need/want me to be. Feel free to get in touch for a chat about how I can help you realise your interior design goals.


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