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Dark Blue & Terracotta Orange Bedroom

Warm rich tones for this original feature Georgian Bedroom

The client wanted this bedroom to feel like a home from home but with a sophisticated hotel feel. The Georgian house retains many of its original features: beautiful high ceilings, big skirting boards and picture rails, and window details, so as with the other rooms we’ve worked on together, the design really had to empathise with and embrace the property’s architectural details. The key one in this room being the original fireplace, and this led the room’s colour scheme.


The rich blue walls give the room a warm cosy feeling, and we used lighter accent colours to complement, with the lighter blue on the cabinetry and the orange on the panelling behind the bed for a playful touch.


The fitted wardrobes were built by Paul measuring right up to the ceiling by 3 metres, and were designed specifically for the client and where they wanted their shirts, shoes, socks etc. positioned! The client had originally spoken to a high street company but wasn’t happy with the standard sizing, and they couldn’t bespoke the furniture to line up in the way we were able to. At first, we thought it might too imposing to have a whole wall of furniture, but this was easily addressed by using the lighter blue and breaking it up with the orange behind the bay seating. Extra lovely because the orange picks up on the rooftop bricks outside, making it a picture-perfect view!

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