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Rich Blue & Monochrome Hallway

Transforming a disorganised hallway into a vibrant and welcoming space, this design seamlessly merges functionality with style, reflecting the dynamic personality of its owners.

The hallway serves as the first impression of your home, yet it's so often overlooked. Before this makeover, it was just... blah. Uninviting, cluttered, not reflecting the owners' vibe at all! They're fun, outgoing, up for a laugh, but also super clean and organised. So, I wanted to bring all those qualities together in one space.

I love to mix things up and move away from the traditional white skirting boards and architraves. A simple yet effective way to define a space is by using a darker tone on the woodwork compared to the walls. Our choice of a bold, dark blue brought vibrancy to the hallway, beautifully complementing the oak doors, bringing a fresher energy. Extending this striking blue up the staircase, wrapping it around the landing banisters, created a standout feature that drew the eye. Plus, it seamlessly connected the hallway to the kitchen, making the spaces feel cohesive.


For the flooring, we opted for a hard-wearing herringbone weave carpet by Fibreflooring to complement the statement colour of the staircase. The herringbone pattern not only adds a playful touch but also serves a practical purpose by disguising daily wear and tear.

To address the need for functional storage, we collaborated with Paul to create a bespoke industrial console table tailored to fit the space perfectly. This provided a designated spot for keys and other essentials upon entering the house.

In terms of artwork and décor, we transformed the hallway into a personal gallery showcasing the family's travels and cherished memories. All artwork was curated in a black and white monotone theme, allowing the colour scheme to flow seamlessly without being interrupted by random coloured items or landscape shots.

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