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Industrial Kitchen and Living

Revitalising a space with rich textures and warm tones, this industrial kitchen and living space seamlessly blends functionality with style for a social family who loves to entertain.

The primary goal for this industrial kitchen design was to inject warmth and life into a space that felt dull and uninspired. The client, a social family who loves to entertain, had recently undergone a property extension for additional space. However, the decision fatigue from the build process left them with a safe yet lacklustre light grey palette that never quite evolved.


With a desire for an industrial style but uncertainty on how to achieve it alongside their modern kitchen, the design concept focused on incorporating rich warm tones, rough edges, and oversized statement pieces to counterbalance and complement the glossy modern kitchen. With the kitchen cabinetry fixed layout, it was also essential to effectively zone each area—kitchen, dining, and snug—within the open plan layout to optimise functionality and flow.

Materials and fixtures were carefully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. The table and sideboard were crafted from metal and reclaimed wood, aligning with the industrial design ethos of repurposing materials. Brick slips were used to tile the back wall surrounding the ovens, adding texture and warmth to the glossy grey kitchen. Oversized light fittings in grey pewter and warm copper were installed to complement the cabinets and red brick accents, while colour-blocking in the ceiling skylights added depth and visual interest.

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