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Pink & Blue Honeycomb Utility Room

Transforming a neglected living room into a vibrant home cinema, this art deco-inspired space combines elegance with modern flair for a family that loves to relax and entertain.

This front living room had been a bit neglected after the family's home extension, stuck in shades of grey from the carpet to the walls. They wanted to turn it into a vibrant space that could double as a home cinema and entertaining spot, perfect for both family hangouts and their teenage daughters' social gatherings. The inspiration was a blend of art deco vibes with a contemporary twist—dark, moody, and a touch of glam.

We opted for timeless shaker cabinets paired with sleek floating shelves, blending classic and contemporary styles seamlessly. The existing light grey carpet provided a neutral base, while we added decorative wooden beading to give the walls some character. Standout features included those dramatic floor-to-ceiling wave curtains that elevated the bay window and a custom-built TV unit—a must-have for dad's envisioned "whiskey room."

We did face a challenge with the curved ceiling coving, but we solved it by extending the wall colour up to create a seamless transition. My favourite part was adding colour onto the ceiling  to create a calm atmosphere in this otherwise dark, moody space.  Oh, and the reclining velvet sofa they sourced—it fills the space perfectly for those laid-back movie nights!

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