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Pink & Green Home Office Study

Transforming a home office with bold hues and personalised charm, this space harmonises productivity with homely comforts for a professional environment infused with a playful edge.

Creating a vibrant and functional home office space on a budget was the primary goal for this project, where bold colours were used to achieve maximum impact. The client needed a backdrop suitable for professional Zoom calls, so the design aimed to balance professional functionality with homely comforts and personal style. It was crucial that the space inspired productivity without feeling corporate, and we integrated her playful personality through using a grownup hue of her favourite colour, pink, whilst ensuring harmony with the rest of the family home.

The layout focused on productivity and comfort, with the desk positioned to overlook the kitchen rather than facing a wall. We reorganised shelving accordingly and transformed original IKEA cabinets with a striking green spray paint finish. These storage solutions were revamped to maintain organisation without visible clutter, ensuring a tidy workspace conducive to focus.

Natural light was enhanced by painting the window recess in a warm, sunny yellow, adding brightness and a cheerful atmosphere. This design not only meets professional needs but also creates a personalised, inspiring environment tailored to my client's unique preferences and work style.

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