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Blue bookcase kitchen

Bright and airy kitchen with bespoke hidden door bookcase

I designed this kitchen during my time at Harvey Jones. The client knew she wanted to feature colour but was concerned due to the narrowness of the room. By opting for natural limestone flooring and bright white walls to contrast, we were able to bring in beautiful blues and still maintain an airy, open feeling.


I later designed (and Paul built), the centre blue bookcase to complement the chosen kitchen cabinetry, featuring a hidden door leading into a cosy drinks snug. This is a great example of how bespoke builds can be made to fit in with your existing cabinetry. 

Leisha was absolutely brilliant when helping us design our new kitchen. I gave her long lists of all our kitchen equipment and she worked through everything to ensure we had enough storage and that everything would be exactly in the right place and at hand when needed. She encouraged us to extend the length of the kitchen units beyond what we had originally thought and to add units into a dead space at the end of the dining area.  We are so glad she did, because she has an innate sense of what will work and look good and we have to say the kitchen is an absolute dream to cook in.  It absolutely works for us on every level - everything has its home and is right where it’s needed.  Leisha also suggested a breakfast bar, which we were no fans of, but we love it!  We use it every day and love how the oak picks up the oak details in the rest of the kitchen.  Nothing was too much trouble, arranging for us to have bespoke shelving made for all our books.  Leisha held our hand throughout a stressful build - keeping her head - when we were definitely losing ours.  She gently persuaded us to rethink our wall and cabinet colours, swapping colours we had planned for walls to the cabinets and colours planned for the cabinets for shelves and the chimney breast.  Again, we are delighted with the results.  Leisha has that rare ability to visual colours and the results of a build before it is even underway and we have learnt to trust her judgement and would be more than happy to work with her again.  



Dr Mclean - Winchester

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